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We believe you’ve read about us and our privacy policies, if you haven’t kindly done before you contact us.

If you’ve chosen to submit your company job vacancy details for publication, or you need us to help you search for a particular job in any given geographical location, we are ready to help you out.

But note that it’s stated on our about page that we hate spamming and please don’t try it as we will not like to report your email address to your ESP.

So, we are urging you to go straight to the point of your contact message without any long description.

If you’re still interested to contact us, kindly forward all your queries to admin(at)

We will reply within 48 hours. So please don’t resend any message to us if we don’t reply earlier.

But in case we didn’t reply to your message even within 3 days, please note that we are not interested in your offer.

Thanks for contacting us in advance.

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